I am primarily a writer of free verse. Do I need to know about poetic forms to enroll in the conference?

Not at all! Our workshops will help you learn about form. While our master class is designed for experienced poets with a knowledge of form, the others can provide you with tools to strengthen your writing, no matter what your level or emphasis.

Is this suitable for beginning poets?

Absolutely! You will notice we have an introduction course by Deborah Warren. Learn about form this summer and come back and expand and upon your knowledge with subsequent courses in summers to follow. Become a part of a growing, vibrant poetic community. 

I am a published poet who understands formal poetry; how will I benefit?

You will notice on the instructors page that all of our instructors are published award-winning poets. Increase your knowledge and craft by learning from people whose work appears in places like PoetryThe New Yorker and The Paris Review. Take advantage of a one-on-one offering by submitting two to five of your poems in advance for our face-to-face critiquing sessions. Our classes are designed to help you improve your writing, no matter what your knowledge of poetry.

Where do I indicate which class I want?

You will do that during the electronic registration process. This is why it is important to register early. We will make an effort to match you with your first choice, but please understand, some classes may reach capacity before others.

How do I submit poems for personal feedback?

If you want a one-on-one meeting with your instructor, who will provide personalized input on one to three of your poems, simply email the poems you want reviewed to hylabrookpoets@gmail.com either in the body of the email, or as a Word, .rtf, or .pdf attachment. Don't forget to drop "Feedback" in the subject line and include your name on each poem.

If you want an individual critique with our Poet in Residence, please sign up at the conference for a meeting on either Saturday or Sunday.

Will WiFi and/or printers be available?

WiFi and printers will not be available at the Frost Farm. For writing, all you need is the tools Frost had when he wrote about Hyla Brook and other experiences on the farm, a writing instrument and paper. Of course, we think you'll enjoy the added support of an instructor and your fellow workshoppers.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you notify us in writing of your cancellation by May 12, 2017, payments made prior to that will be refunded (minus a $25 processing fee). If you cancel your registration after that, but prior to June 6, 2017, we will issue a nonrefundable credit (minus the $25 processing fee) towards the following year's workshops. Because we will have made financial payments to our vendors on your behalf, no refund or credit will be made if you cancel after the start of the program, if you fail to attend, or if you choose to leave a program early for any reason. In the unlikely event that we cancel your workshop, we will refund your payment in full, including all processing fees.


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